Studio Dogs

My wife and I have always had dogs as part of our family.  After Jill goes to bed, the dogs will follow me into the studio.  Tonight I’m in the studio and it’s 11:35 pm.  My studio seems to have an empty air about it now that all the artwork has been taken to the gallery.  I’m listening to the clock tick and down there on their bed the studio dogs lay snoozing and snoring.

Layla the oldest, has bad dreams often and tonight her jowls are twitching and her legs jerking.   She came to us from the street so I often wonder if she is having bad dreams from her short time from being homeless.  Sometimes you have to shake her and wake her up because if I was dreaming like that, I’d want someone to wake me up.

imageLucy is our little bundle of sheer muscle.  She likes to run fast, jump about like a mountain goat. During the day Lucy and Layla take turns playing chase.  Lucy can clearly out maneuver Layla because of her ability to cut and dart about.  Lucy came from the street as well. You go to pet Lucy and she automatically rolls onto her back because she likes her belly rubbed.

They often seem to fuss and fight during the day and I wonder if they are a good match but then at night they curl up together on their studio bed.  Usually every 30 minutes or so they move into a different configuration. Some times they do it so quietly that you never notice until you do and by that time they’re back asleep.

imageSometimes Lucy will get right in the middle of the bed and Layla will come along and lay on top of her until she moves over to make room for her.  Our dogs have been a constant source of enjoyment and I appreciate their company late at night as I’m creating in the studio.

Out in front, leading the procession of “Rites of Passage” was a sculpture of our dog at the time, “Hope”.

Over the years our dogs have ended up as subject matter in my art as well.  Here one of our earliest dogs, “Hope” leads the procession of my piece, “Rites of Passage”.   I am thankful for these creatures and I should remind myself of that the next time one of them chews up something I cherish or am working on.

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