It was a quiet Summer

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on my blog.  I’ve been a bit busy.  My post today might seem to ramble about but it is very much like my summer where I was able to let my mind just wander and renew.  What a blessing to be able to even forget what day it was.  It was a quiet summer……the kind I like.  I didn’t go anywhere and didn’t ever travel outside the city limits.  Most days I got up and went to work in my studio where I created art and started working on building two guitars.

What the studio looked like much thru the summer.

For a little professional development….

This summer I took fiddle lessons.  I have wanted to play the fiddle for some time.  Many years ago, one of my former students who was a accomplished violinist graciously gave me some violin lessons but it never took.  That bow thing scared me, (always been a plectrum sort of guy) and the sounds that I produced made my dogs howl.  So this summer I took lessons from Gerald Jones, a wonderful teacher and all around great guy.  While I’m not going public with my fiddle playing any time soon, at least my dogs aren’t howling when I practice anymore.

Sweet Music.....

It was also a down time for the band I’m in, “Rickey Gene Wright and Duck Creek Station”.  We didn’t have any gigs we were preparing for so when we got together we just played around and jammed. Also my good artist friend Billy Hassell dropped in several times with his guitars and we sat around my dinning room table and picked and sang songs.

Hope my storage unit is not a future episode of “Storage Wars”

Besides having the freedom to create new work, I spent a lot of the summer going through old work and removing it from the dreaded shed that I have written about before.

storage-warsSort of interesting going through 35 years of work.  Restored quite a bit of my art that had been damaged and had to throw away a few things because nature’s critters had sealed their fate. Thankfully I have gotten the majority of my work into climate control storage now.  Every time I go to the storage unit I marveled how much art I’ve stuffed into it.

One of the pieces I pulled out to restore and save was “A young man’s ambition”.  I always liked this  piece and looking back it seems to represent most of my efforts toward chasing a art career.  Not that it’s not been fruitful and very good to me, but the things that have happen seemed to often happen for reasons other than what I thought or worked for.

Funny how that happens.

Here in “A young man’s ambition” a young man waters a rock and his ankle is chained to a child’s block.

So that was my summer in a nutshell.

Now I’m about two weeks into school and I have another great group of students who are just as excited as I am to begin a new school year.  What a blessing it is, after all these years of teaching to still love doing what I’m doing at St. John’s Episcopal School.

The band has started back up as well.  Last night Duck Creek Station played a gig at the “House of Blues” and coming up October 8th we headline at Poor David’s Pub.

Progress is being made on the guitars started earlier in the summer, I’m still fiddling and I have art going in the studio.

Life is good. 

Some new small pieces in a corner of the studio.


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