A good death

I remember getting the phone call in my classroom from my wife Jill;  “Martin, we need to go to the hospital.  Your dad has taken a turn for the worse.  We drove to the hospital as my brain started to realize that this was probably the start of the end.  My father had been diagnosed … More A good death

Working up to 2017

It was a fairly quiet Christmas holiday at the Delabano house.  My wife left town to be with her Mother and extended family and I hunkered down in my studio.  I was grateful to have the gift of time to allow my mind to wander and indulge my various interest in craft and play. Some people might … More Working up to 2017

Sonny Burt and Bob Butler and their legendary art collection

The late Sonny Burt and Bob Butler’s legendary art collection is being auctioned off at the Talley Dunn Gallery to benefit Booker T. Washington, school of the Visual and Performing Arts. Six of my pieces of mine are in the auction. Sonny and Bob’s collection was a testament to their befriending young artist, supporting and collecting their work.  I … More Sonny Burt and Bob Butler and their legendary art collection

When Dallas was an island on the Blackland Praire

Standing here now…..you can’t see beyond the next street. This story is about the changing landscape. Not exactly the view I remember  as a child.  Right here at the end of the street of Hillsboro and Shiloh, our housing development ended and across the street there were barb wire fences and old family farm houses up … More When Dallas was an island on the Blackland Praire

Full Circle

A couple of weeks ago I had a really interesting day.  It started out like so many other days.  Got up, went to work at St. John’s Episcopal School where I have been teaching for 27 years,  went to chapel and then taught 1st period.  After 1st period I had arranged to take our 8th … More Full Circle

Early Narrative

I’ve been going through some early work recently; pulling it from my shed and saving what is savable and throwing out what is too far gone.  It’s given me some pause to think back about my early influences and practices. I’ve been blessed over the years to get a lot of good press and early … More Early Narrative

Frivolous Pursuits

Sir Winston Churchill, the great Prime Minister of England, who lead his country through WWII, when asked to cut arts funding in favor of the war effort, he simply replied, “then what are we fighting for?” Last week an artist from New Orleans wrote me the nicest comment on my recent blog called, The Gift … More Frivolous Pursuits