Working up to 2017

It was a fairly quiet Christmas holiday at the Delabano house.  My wife left town to be with her Mother and extended family and I hunkered down in my studio.  I was grateful to have the gift of time to allow my mind to wander and indulge my various interest in craft and play. Some people might … More Working up to 2017

Full Circle

A couple of weeks ago I had a really interesting day.  It started out like so many other days.  Got up, went to work at St. John’s Episcopal School where I have been teaching for 27 years,  went to chapel and then taught 1st period.  After 1st period I had arranged to take our 8th … More Full Circle

It’s like having an old friend suddenly show up

I’ve been updating my website here recently and having been googling my name seeing what pops up.  Today I came across a video posted on YouTube by Texas A&M’s J. Wayne Stark Galleries about my piece “Walking Man” that they have in their collection.  It’s a delightful video where Amanda Cagle speaks at length and … More It’s like having an old friend suddenly show up