It’s like having an old friend suddenly show up

I’ve been updating my website here recently and having been googling my name seeing what pops up.  Today I came across a video posted on YouTube by Texas A&M’s J. Wayne Stark Galleries about my piece “Walking Man” that they have in their collection.  It’s a delightful video where Amanda Cagle speaks at length and detail about the work, which she says brings a smile to her face every time she sees it.  Brought a smile to my face hearing her talk about the piece.  I made this piece while Jill and I lived out in Commerce Texas.  I use to upset my wife by moving it around the house at night.  She would get up in the middle of the night to go to the rest room and I would get woken from my slumber by her death rattling screams.

When we lived out in Albuquerque,  New Mexico and we had it in our front living room…….we had a friend come from Texas to visit and one evening while sitting around after dinner, we had a very drunk neighbor lady barge in and try to put the make on my friend.  My wife and my friend ran out the side door and left me with the drunk old woman.  She then looked at my “Walking Man” sculpture and said, “Got any more like him?”

Seeing this video today brought back a lot of good memories associated with this piece.  “Walking Man” appeared in my first show as an artist at the famed DW Gallery.  Frank Tolbert was the other artist showing.

Drawing from an early sketch book of the "Walking Man", 1979/80
Drawing from an early sketch book of the “Walking Man”, 1979/80

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