2 thoughts on “Starting a Blog

  1. Hm, I know it’s hard to knit webpage components together, but please post a page of pics of your paintings. Mary McCleary alerted me on FB. I suppose the negative comment was about the painting behind you in your pic. You didn’t need to work for thirty-five years to create what you want; anyone who doesn’t automatically know creativity drives the artist instead of satisfying others doesn’t deserve art, they deserve cardboard (okay, Rauschenberg, yes a box can be art). I’m looking gorward to ypur thoughts.


    1. Hello Lee, Thank you for your comment. Still trying to figure this blog thing out. I posted a picture but when I pulled it up on my blog I don’t see it. In the mean time you can always check out my work at http://www.delabano.com. In regards to negative comments……its so nice getting older where I can let such things roll off my back. When I got my first Art in America review, it wasn’t the most glowing of reviews. My father looked at me and laughed and said……”But they spelt your name right…..RIGHT, in six months no one will remember and it looks really great on your resume”. My father had all sorts of wisdom like that. Funny thing is that I re-read the review here recently and all I could think was…..wow they hit the nail right on the head.


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